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KEY SUMMIT: *** Short (from 3 h return) with beautiful views of lake Gunn, Marian, Fergus and Mac Kerrow from a little further the end of track. Interesting "guided" nature walk and flora.

Lake McKellar

Humbolt mountains

Pleasant site for a day walk or on the the way to Greenstone Valley.

LAKE MARIAN:**** A very short (3 h return) climb in a pleasant forest. To a beautiful lake set in a steep cirque.

Lake Marian - Cliquer pour agrandir
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Sometimes the water level allows easy access to the lake head and its spectacular Steep valley.

Up Marian.jpg (205947 bytes)


GERTRUDE SADDLE: **** Probably the most spectacular short day trip (5 h return) in Fjordland. Starting at the already high altitude of the Homer tunnel the track starts in an alpine environment which is usually reached after a couple of days walking. Everything is there: flora, ice, snow, lakes, and the view towards Milford sound at the saddle. From Barrier peak, an additional 400m to climb partly in snow, extensive views of the Darran's, Mt. Aspiring and Adelaide lake below.

Blac Lake
Black Lake
Gertrude saddle pano.jpg (29568 bytes)
Milford Sound from Gertrude Saddle


HOMER SADDLE: *** Short and steep, 3 h return. Not as spectacular views as on Gertrud, the neighbor, but wilder and more impressive. Both ends of the tunnel visible from there, before this pass was with sea access, the only precipitous link with Milford sound. Leading further up, the Talbot ladder involves some intimidating arÍte climbing. Resident rock wrens. Good flora.

Fjordland National Park

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